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Storyvine Health provides high-quality, compliant, authentic video patient testimonials and expert interviews.

Healthcare brands are faced with an untenable reality of having to choose between professional video, which provides beautiful results, but can be so polished and scripted it lacks believability; and user-generated, mobile video which is authentic and can be done in large quantities, but is completely uncontrolled. For the first time, Storyvine Health bridges this gap making compliant, authentic user-generated content a reality.

Real Patient Stories for a F400 Pharma
(Pharma Marketing)

Our Pharma clients create real patient stories for a fraction of the price of traditional video without falling foul of their compliance requirements.

Hospitals, Health Care Brands, etc.
(Healthcare Events)

We have helped hospitals, health care brands and non-profits capture 100s of their patients, partners and staff during their events, allowing their respective marketing teams to use the video content immediately as part of their web and social marketing campaigns.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans
(Provider/Insurance Promotions)

Rocky Mountain Health Plans offers several unique programs to its customers including a brand new text-based “Doctor visit” app called MyDigitalMD. They used Storyvine to interview doctors and patients in sharing their experience with this exciting new technology.

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