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Storyvine transforms informal mobile video into sophisticated, branded video usable by the world’s largest brands. We allow organizations to produce videos of people, globally and in near real-time. Our platform cost-effectively produces dozens, hundreds or even thousands of videos.
Announcing Storyvine Health

Create Training Videos Easily!

Use Storyvine to create structured, fully-branded training videos in minutes. Don’t worry about writing scripts, hiring video crews or editing videos. Do what they do best…train people…and Storyvine will do the rest.

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Announcing SV Health

Healthcare brands are faced with the unpleasant reality of having to choose between professional video, which provide beautiful results, but can be so polished they lack believability; and user-generated mobile video, which is authentic and can be done in large amounts, but is completely unmanageable. Now there is a third option: Storyvine Health bridges this gap making compliant, authentic, branded user-generated content a reality.

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The Storyvine platform combines the best features of professional video and user generated video. Storytellers self-produce interviews via an iOS app that coaches people through the interview process that asks them questions. All the editing is done automatically using a pre-determined template which we develop on behalf of our clients.

With Storyvine you can create:

  • Patient Testimonials
  • Expert Interviews
  • Event Coverage (voice of the event)
  • Sponsor/Exhibitor Interviews
  • Executive Communications
  • Product Demos
  • Employee Profiles
  • and more…

With Storyvine you get:

  • Controlled & branded videos
  • Ability to film anyone around the world
  • Individual videos produced in near real-time
  • Compilation videos produced in <24 hours
  • Enterprise-level Management back-end

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