Storyvine is an innovative mobile video creation platform that fundamentally shifts the way we communicate and share. While we can’t disclose all the details about how we’re changing storytelling, we can share a few things that make our solution compelling and unique.

Our People

Thank You Maker

We would love to spread Gratitude throughout the world. We are in the process of building that magic into an app to help you express it in a truly meaningful way. We are currently in Alpha, stay tuned.


Our first App, SpotMade was created specifically to revolutionize and deliver the Professional Video Production needs of Small to Medium-Sized business. Currently available as part of a Pilot Program, contact us for details.

Broker Video Maker

A solution for Professional UCG Video in the Real Estate field, Broker VideoMaker delivers video content in a truly scaleable way. Broker VideoMaker is available through the RealNex app, available at RealNex .

IBM Use Case

What do you do when your workforce consists of over 430,000 people spread across 180 countries? Storyvine helps IBM engage their workforce authentically. One example? IBM wanted globally-distributed IBMers to get to know each other and to show their perspective to IBM’s consulting organization, the results were magical.

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